Posted on May 1, 2019 5:09 pm

The Tastes of America – American Candy & Food Trends

It’s clear for most of us that American culture has been increasing its influence in the UK for a while now. NFL enthusiasm has begun to reach fever pitch when the Super Bowl draws near every year, Sky have increasingly begun to buy and show other American sports such as NBA, and American restaurants are now a staple of most town and city centres.

Not only the love for American sports and culture, but a real love for the excess and fun of American food. American candy, with its dedication to innovation and fun new ideas, means that the products that offered from across the pond often blow UK sweets out of the water, and demand is increasing. American Candy Hampers, for example, have seen demand increase enormously just in the past 12 months

With that in mind we’re going to take a look at some of the latest food and candy trends across America to soak up some of the culture. Our first stop? California

California Food Trends

The golden state, located firmly on the affluent West Coast, is home to some the most glamorous cities in America, including San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Home too to Hollywood, California is known for great weather, great food and tech billionaires.

Synonymous with trendy millennial food trends, the state is currently going through something of a culinary revival. Here are a few trends that have been grabbing attention recently.

Cali-Boja style

Originally conceived in the hills of San Diego and Boja, Cali-Boja brings together the Northern Cali emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients and the Southern Cali mix of spicy flavours.

Born from many of the great Latino American chefs around San Diego, a typical example of a Cali-Boja dish would be a Mexican Street Bowl—an in-season produce salad topped with spicy chili.

Veggies as a main

It shouldn’t surprise you that a majority of California residents are very health conscious and also environmentally aware, and this has translated into food trends for this year. Bloggers reporting from the front line have reported seeing chefs across the state switch the focus of their mains from meat to vegetables, with meat even being served up as sides.

Restaurants down in San Francisco are now serving up Vegan stews and broths as their star attractions and many across the valley are starting to sit up and take notice.

Healthy Candy

Much in the same way that Californians are seeking out healthier and more environmentally friendly foods when they dine out, they’re increasingly seeking candies that feel good for their health and conscience too.

A lot of producers are said to be now shifting their recipes towards more natural and organic ingredients, as well as recipes that don’t harm the environment, such as using sugar that is sustainably grown and avoiding products that use bee-harming pesticides.

American Candy companies are also increasingly expected to incorporate healthier add-ins such as nuts seeds and fruits into their recipes. Things like adding dark chocolate into their candy bars also cut out the need for dairy production and with the demand for more sustainably produced foods as well as vegan alternatives.