Posted on December 9, 2019 12:56 pm

People want more snacks

In America, it’s probably no great surprise that they love their snacks. Certainly, it’s also been influencing British culture too, with Brits now more likely to spend something near what their Atlantic cousins spend on a yearly basis on candy, chocolate, sodas and sweets.

American culture influences aside, it’s probably also much to do with the fact that Anglo-American tastes are broadly much more in line that British and European tastes. Where confectionery makers across Europe can pretty much develop and market what they like across the continent knowing that what’s popular will likely be popular elsewhere, British stores and retailers are much more savvy to the fact that Brits are different.

Much more savoury snacks are popular across, say, Portugal and Spain, whilst In Britain chocolates and candy type treats are more likely to be bought by British shoppers.

If you’re a retailer who is looking into trends for the new year, then it will come as useful news to you that American style candy, snacks and sodas are likely to get even more popular in 2020 and beyond.


This isn’t just based on blind assumptions, though, there’s been research

conducted across the pond which backs this up.

The research suggests that Americans spend just shy of $500 per year on confectionery and snacks, which would add up to over $30,000 over a lifetime, and 18% even suggested that they would sacrifice all their electronic devices for a lifetime supply of snacks. One sixth even said they’d even shave their head for a lifetime supply of snacks.

The research also took into consideration what types of snacks consumers prefer, with 37% preferring sweet tasting treats and 34% preferring salty bites. The rest had no preference and just said they liked both.

80% of respondents said they liked crisps and potato chips, whilst 60% said that chocolate was their favourite. Over 20% said they’d happily try new flavours they’ve never seen before just to satisfy their snack cravings.

Bright future

As the market for confectionery, sweets, chocolate and candies expands, and certainly within retailers that stock American candies, the future seems to be bright for the market as this evidence tallies with others that suggest customers are extremely loyal and are willing to try new brands.

In the UK, perhaps there’s even more scope for growth than in the US, where well established brands rule the market, but with the British public finding an affection for American imports, this could somewhat disrupt the market even further.

Definitely, it makes sense for British stores and retailers to continue to seek new avenues now with new brands and products, just as things are starting to take off and the interest in Britain is peaking.