Posted on September 21, 2019 2:55 pm

Are ‘Made-To-Order’ Candies Going To Be The Next Big Thing?

As the market in the UK for American candy, chocolate and confectionary grows almost exponentially with retailers and consumers alike, it’s not surprising that many of the leading American and UK manufacturers are looking at ways to capitalise on that popularity with new and innovative products.

Retailers across the UK in food and confectionary sectors now see it as essential to offer a broad range of American products to maximise profits and please consumers with a growing taste for goods from across the Atlantic.

We’ve seen something similar with sodas, with many retailers now offering a large range of soda flavours from American manufacturers such as Pepsi Blue, Dr Pepper and Fanta Grape.

What would have seemed outlandish even five years ago is quickly becoming a staple of retailers stock ordering in order to set themselves apart and take a greater share of the market.

As time goes by, there will be a requirement to offer better, more exclusive and more exciting products, and it seems that Nestle may be the first to have fired the gun on this one, with ‘made-to-order’ candies and chocolate.

Made to order

Nestle’s iconic Kit Kat brand are launching a new direct to consumer (DTC) product this Autumn with the creation of their ‘chocolatory’ range, which offers luxury, handcrafted chocolate bars with the aim of rolling them out as bespoke gifting ideas.

There’s also the option to go online to select from four different types of chocolate, and 14 different ingredients to build their own custom 8 finger KitKat bar that would then be delivered by post to the recipient as a gift.

The packaging can also be personalised before delivery and is thought to be priced at £14 per bar with total personalisation.

This new option offers up to 1500 combinations and will also feature milk, dark, white and ruby chocolate, with other options to add shortbread, honeycomb, salted caramel and rose petals. There is then a further option to add things such as Gin & Tonic, marmalade and cherry bakewell.

The future

With this new announcement it’s worth wondering whether this type of approach is going to become a lot more commonplace within candy, chocolate and confectionery retail, as we already know gifting these products around Christmas and birthdays is popular.

Personalisation, as we know from the famous Coke ‘name bottles’ campaign, is another aspect that consumers seem to love, so the expectation is that candy, and certainly the more luxurious brands such as our Goldkenn range, will perhaps follow this route of personalisation even further now.

We already know that American candy, sodas, chocolates and snacks are huge in the UK, and the market is certainly set to keep growing over the coming years, but it’s certainly an interesting aspect that as they become a more premium product in the minds of consumers, that it’s worth offering personalised gifting experience in this way, and may be a glimpse into the future.